Why I Chose EN Engineering



Since 2002, businesses, people, and communities have entrusted the employees of EN Engineering with their most valuable assets.

Our engineering, consulting, and environmental services restore and expand infrastructures; enhance and streamline systems; and identify and record key assets for clients including pipeline operators, utilities, and industrial companies.

As one of the fastest growing engineering firms in the country, the opportunities are endless for employees who are passionate, curious, and client-focused.

Our growth, from a single Midwest office to a national network of locations, has only strengthened our commitment to serve with excellence… from start to finish.


  • Tony


    Corporate Controller

    Continuing Education

    • Attended Eastern Illinois University and Northern Illinois University
    • Degree in finance and working on MBA


    “Earning an MBA has always been one of my goals, so when I started working for EN Engineering, the generous tuition reimbursement program was the final motivation I needed. Most companies don’t offer such a generous policy! It’s reassuring to know that as long as I stay with the company they will continue to reimburse me until I pay off my education loan.

    In my accounting role, I work with company executives on a daily basis, and they really encouraged me to continue my education. This support, combined with the tuition reimbursement benefit, reinforces that the company values education. MBA programs are very expensive, so I am extremely grateful for the financial support, and of course, the personal encouragement.”

  • Aaron


    Sr. Project Manager

    Career Growth

    • Attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    • Degrees in Engineering Management (Master’s) and Mechanical Engineering


    “My career growth potential is unlimited! I started my EN Engineering career as a college intern and now, ten years later, I’m a project manager. During college, I spent two summers in the internship program, and following graduation, I joined the company as a full time design engineer. I had the opportunity to work in several different product lines and became a senior design engineer within a few years.

    The company really encourages and supports employee training and development, as well as career advancement. EN Engineering is constantly seeking to expand in new and existing markets, and this provides challenging projects for employees and generates unlimited opportunities for career growth.”

  • Alejandro


    Project Manager

    Relocation Options

    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Degree in Civil Engineering


    “The opportunities for relocation and career growth are unmatched! I started my career with EN Engineering in Warrenville, Illinois, as a structural engineer, but in 2014, my wife was offered a great job in Los Angeles, California. I heard the company was opening an office in Southern California, so I approached my manager about relocating, and he was extremely supportive. The company even paid for my moving costs! My family has been completely happy with our decision. I really like the start-up feel of a satellite office, and there are tremendous opportunities for career growth.

    EN Engineering has a number of offices located in great cities throughout the U.S., and the company continues to grow, so for anyone looking to expand their exposure professionally and socially, there are great opportunities.”

  • Rachel


    Sr. Design Engineer


    • Attended Purdue University
    • Degree in Mechanical Engineering


    “I’m excited to have the opportunity to be mentored while pursuing my PE license! Having the chance to ask questions and learn in real-world scenarios will undoubtedly give me an extra advantage going into the exams. 

    It will also be an honor, one day, to repay my mentor by taking the time to mentor new engineers just as I have been. I imagine it will be a rewarding experience, and it helps to solidify our collective knowledge and build a closer team. 

    I also appreciate that the EN culture is collaborative and not competitive. Sometimes I will help my peers and, at other times, they help me. Even though we have separate projects, the team evaluates the workload as a whole and distributes work when needed. I appreciate the support of my team members and their willingness to help me when I need it.”

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