Market: Gas Utilities


Gas Distribution

Since our inception, EN Engineering has been designing, upgrading, and maintaining natural gas distribution system assets. Given an aging infrastructure and changing regulatory environment, many natural gas utilities seek a comprehensive infrastructure management approach. Our team acts as an extension of the engineering and operating units of our customers. We offer a complete range of gas utility services, including engineering & design; field services & inspection; project/program management; system planning; GIS & data solutions; permitting; procurement; integrity management; corrosion control; and metallurgical services. We answer our clients’ needs from total program development through individual segment design. We offer technical expertise in main replacement and system expansion, public improvement, station and facility design, Automatic Shut-Off Valve (ASV) and Remote Control Valve (RCV) upgrades, Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD), conventional bore, jack & bore designs, and complete construction management services.

Gas Transmission

Gas transmission facilities are under constant pressure to abide by regulatory, safety, productivity, and environmental requirements. Planning upgrades, replacement, or new infrastructure requires time and resources that aren’t always available with existing staff. That is why gas industry operators turn to EN Engineering for expertise to get projects moving. Where safety and maintenance concerns are present, EN provides hazard analysis, piping, and systems inspection. We also offer technical expertise in compression engineering, dehydration stations, meter and regulator systems, terminal rebuilds, liquid handling, emissions control, interconnects and custody transfer, and design flow. We guide and train our clients to achieve full compliance with regulations and emissions requirements at every jurisdiction level. These services contribute to greater productivity and reduce unwanted expenses caused by change orders, services interruptions, or system conflicts through all phases of construction. Where applicable, we introduce our clients to the benefits of new technologies in automation, design, and equipment specification to plan for the future.

GIS & Data Analytics

Field Services & Inspection

EN Engineering offers comprehensive construction management and inspection services with an emphasis on ensuring safe and compliant installations for gas utilities across the country. Our highly qualified team of inspectors and construction managers have decades of experience and expert knowledge of industry codes, government regulations, standards, and procedures. The majority of EN’s inspectors and construction managers have direct operating experience, many of whom have spent over 20 years installing and maintaining gas systems. We have the kind of “been there, done that” experience needed to drive your construction projects to successful completion. This means our inspectors hit the ground running with very little ramp up time, a crucial benefit to your project’s performance. EN believes in creating partnerships that bring world-class experience and expertise into alignment with every project, making sure all needs are met.

We are committed to proactively balancing our personnel so that we are agile and able to quickly meet the inspection needs of our clients. An integral part of this is our dedicated recruiting staff, who keeps a database of potential inspectors updated and on hand. Our inspectors are certified by API (API 1169), AWS (CWI, CPWI), and NACE (CIP level 1 and level 2) among other industry organizations. Our core services include construction management, material logistics and management, regulatory code and client specific code compliance, site safety, watch and protect services for third-party excavators, operations support, inspection management, welding and coating inspection, general/utility inspection, and environmental inspection.

Integrity, Metallurgy, Regulatory

The EN Engineering Integrity, Metallurgy, and Regulatory group guides clients with top-level insight into metallurgy and corrosion conditions. The overarching expertise of the Integrity Services team leads gas utilities in best practices to ensure that all assets and systems abide by required codes, regulations, and industry standards. Our staff is led by Professional Engineers (PEs), NACE Institute-certified professionals, and integrity specialists. From a metallurgical standpoint, our industry-leading experts excel in preparing and maintaining core metallurgical material, quality control, specifications, inspections, and applied mechanics. In complementing these services, EN regulatory experts advise gas utility clients on proposed and approved industry regulations and provide comprehensive compliance review services across the spectrum of applicable codes in all operations facets.


Often, clients come to EN Automation facing challenges from power systems that are aging, include components from a variety of vendors, and have maintenance and reliability problems. We know how difficult that can make it to develop an automation program, something that is critical to achieving maximum operational efficiency in the gas utility industry. In order to meet those challenges, EN provides a full range of consulting, design, and software development services. We actively listen to our clients, perform a thorough analysis of the facilities and control systems, and assign a highly experienced, dedicated team that stays with the project from beginning to end. This team applies their expertise to develop targeted, cost effective, scalable solutions that are then implemented, commissioned, and supported.


Engineering & Design

Planning new or upgraded gas utility infrastructure requires the time and availability of engineering and design resources that don’t always exist in-house. With a nationwide network of industry leading experts in gas utility engineering, EN provides engineering and design resources for every operational task with a dedicated team of experts versed in every stage, from concept to commissioning. As an extension of our clients’ engineering staff, we can help ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget by peaking-shaving excess workflow. EN delivers value and quality driven by industry-leading experts from completing “one-off” projects requiring a specialty skillset to providing full program management services. The experience that we have gained from designing utility system projects nationwide affords our teams the ability to apply a “best practices” approach to your project. Our services include main replacement programs, system expansion, and public improvement projects. Additionally, EN’s engineering teams provide facility design services for regulator stations, vaults, and city gate stations. Whether EN is designing launcher and receivers, valve set rebuilds, supporting inline inspection tool programs, or ensuring constructible horizontal directional drills (HDDs) are designed and evaluated, EN’s quality and expertise is unsurpassed within the industry. The outcome is safer, more efficient and productive facilities. From the bid process through completion, our regionally based teams of engineers are by your side to make sure every detail is precise.

Project/Program Management

Gas utilities seeking effective project and program management call on EN Engineering to implement PMI philosophies within their individual projects and on-going multi-year programs. Our expertise includes standard operating procedures developed by our firm that exceed the Project Management Institute standards for initiation, planning, execution, monitor & control, and project closeout. That attention to detail is critical in order to maintain budget and schedule performance. Our system of earned value provides clients with progress reports in real-time. That active approach delivers accurate, up-to-date tracking of project costs, schedules, permits, as-built documentation, and compliance with all appropriate regulatory measures. EN Engineering employs an advanced Enterprise Work Management System (EWMS) to drive communication and collaboration within project teams. Comprehensive program and project management delivers a path to better performance and outcomes. EN Engineering delivers on that promise.

Accelerated Main Replacement

Ensuring the safe delivery of natural gas requires a commitment to safety and reliability, which inevitably involves replacing aging and underperforming infrastructure. EN Engineering excels in guiding accelerated main replacement programs, including all types of mains and services; cast iron, bare steel, Aldyl-A, PVC, and more. EN teams of engineers and consultants offer years of experience in modernizing gas delivery systems from total program development to individual segment design and component replacement. When the public utility commission and potential safety concerns call for accelerated infrastructure upgrades, our gas main replacement experts help utilities meet demands that are critical for the timely completion of replacement programs. EN collaborates with our clients on the necessary steps to properly develop, execute, and complete a main replacement program. EN’s design teams have the capacity to ramp up and provide complete program execution or handle specific tasks or segments. Our services include program development, project management, safety leadership, cost analysis, engineering and design services, drafting, GIS implementation, mapping, construction management, permitting, system operation procedures, system design modeling, and compiling material lists. EN Engineering offers this full suite of gas main replacement services nationwide.

System Expansion

Demand and dynamic requirements place pressure on utilities to ensure safe and reliable service. EN helps with expansion and reinforcement projects to ensure our clients’ ability to meet the needs of their system and customers. EN’s comprehensive and nationwide experience offers our clients a best practices approach to supporting expansion projects that often begin with feasibility studies and pre-engineering assessments. As an extension of your engineering team, EN can provide full project design, including project management, construction support, and as-built services that include an emphasis on traceable, verifiable, and complete records.

EN’s design teams begin by coordinating a topographic survey or providing detailed field data collection supported by GIS mapping. Our experts help gas utilities plan for the existing conditions that will impact construction and the feasibility of the proposed system expansion. EN’s analysis includes pipeline routing, alignment sheet creation, environmental assessments, and any constructability challenges that may be encountered. As part of the “EN Experience,” our clients can be sure of getting the most cost-effective solution for project completion. Whether your project is a capacity reinforcement, main extension, station modification, or high-pressure pipeline project, EN Engineering is your one-stop-shop for all gas system expansion design projects.

GIS and Mapping

Underground Storage

Gas utilities seeking complementary expertise in underground gas storage count on EN Engineering to provide technical insights on reservoir conditions, geological and environmental factors, and practical strategies on gas hedging and storage outcomes. Our services include setting up observation and withdrawal wells, gathering systems, and gas-well workovers. We help our clients achieve maximal operation by developing construction drawings and diagrams by engineers certified in well control and supervisory capability to ensure that all facilities and systems work seamlessly. These services all contribute to effective underground storage strategies and utilities’ ability to store, prepare, and bring gas resources to market in the safest, most efficient, and profitable way.

System Planning


Permitting assistance to comply with jurisdictional agency requirements is a valuable resource when requirements can impede a project’s schedule performance. EN Engineering partners with our clients to ensure that designs and plan sets are in full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulatory entities. Our broad-spectrum engineering services cover it all, including right of way, environmental, railroad, traffic control, and building permits. Through often complex situations, we lead our clients through the permitting process to ensure that even when a project crosses state lines, passes through deep embankments, or calls for precise engineering estimates, EN brings the project to fruition. We provide the resources and knowledge to deliver client permit submissions complete and on time.

Integrity Management

Field Data Collection

Field data collection delivers real-time information critical to assessing the state of current conditions related to engineering design and constructability, or to as-found tasks post construction. From a project design perspective, our technological capabilities include GPS/GIS data collection and supporting field notation for base map creation, post-survey field engineering, and as-built documentation services. EN design teams are proficient in the utilization of EOS Arrow Gold GNSS (RTK Capable) Receivers as well as Trimble products. EN’s staff includes FAA certified remote drone pilots enabling our design teams to offer a more cost-effective approach to data collection and scanning. This is especially useful for locations and terrain previously inaccessible. Our Design Services teams utilize 3D laser non-contact scanning to create imagery of complex environments and deliver mapping in various formats for compatibility across software platforms, systems, and AutoCAD DWG files. In collaboration with our clients, EN Engineering develops specifications for land surveying, topographic surveys (field and aerial) boundary surveys, land record research, property plant preparation, and recordation.

Additionally, EN’s Integrity Consulting teams also perform field data collection and provide data analysis services to determine factors, such as metallic facilities, impinging corrosion conditions, remediation recommendations, and oversight based on field data collection.

Corrosion Control

EN’s Corrosion Engineering team provides engineering and consulting solutions to preserve and protect critical infrastructure from corrosion in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, solar power and transit sectors. Our knowledgeable, industry-leading corrosion team is comprised of NACE-certified project managers, Professional Engineers (PEs), technicians and drafters who have decades of hands-on experience and world-class expertise. Services include cathodic protection design, AC and DC interference analysis and mitigation design, construction oversight and commissioning, annual or period code-related surveys and assessments, integrity and corrosion control field services (CIS, DCVG/ACVG, PCM, HDD coating, DOC, atmospheric) and assessments, E-Log-I testing and CPP oversight for gas storage facilities, full application of External and Internal Corrosion Direct Assessments (ECDA and ICDA), program and procedure review and development and many more.


At EN Engineering, our experts in procurement view every project as an opportunity to help our clients evaluate suppliers, obtain bids, identify critical materials, provide solutions for time-sensitive projects, and conduct research for comparisons on best purchasing options. Through these services, we help our clients fulfill RFPs and RFQs, make sub-contracting decisions, and proceed with confidence. With decades of experience developing gas utility specifications, EN procurement specialists collaborate with our top-level engineers to identify each project’s best resources and pricing. This purchasing data affords our clients a fuller perspective on market trends, predictive factors, and product selection, making service comparisons and technical decision-making far easier. Most of all, EN Engineering delivers procurement insights to conduct accurate bid analysis and accountability in financial, regulatory, and construction requirements.

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