Utilities Support

ENTRUST Solutions Group is a trusted resource across the utility footprint when performing audits, application reviews, and ISP/OSP engineering. Our experienced team gathers and documents all essential data to ensure clients capitalize on their entire revenue stream, provide information for pole-loading analysis, and make-ready functions. Our engineers are prepared for all data requests and can tailor the product output to the specified requirements. ENTRUST’s specialty is our diversity, as no project is too small or too large for our dynamic team. 


ENTRUST Solutions Group pole audits allow pole owners to identify tenants attached to their poles and to assure that attachments comply with joint use agreements. Our comprehensive reports are used by both pole owners and tenants for their asset tracking needs. ENTRUST teams meticulously review results from pole audits involving our telecommunication clients.

ENTRUST engineers provide direct leadership, planning, and support to give utilities and their telecommunication partners assurance that these assets get managed for safety, compliance, and optimal performance. With a nationwide presence structured around regional offices, our dedicated program management teams’ expertise allows them to align clients’ needs with national, state, and local statutes. ENTRUST engineers are there when you need them, including remote communications technologies, to troubleshoot and deliver solutions in every circumstance.

ENTRUST Solutions Group’s broad expertise in ISP and OSP engineering projects ensures that your telecom project benefits from solutions developed in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. From underground verification, and as-built documentation, to aerial planning, and construction project management, telecom companies facing time pressure deadlines, count on our team to get the job done. Our national network of relationships with power and grid-related utilities and municipalities provides intelligence and smooths the way for approval across an entire spectrum of ISP/OSP objectives to conduct feasibility studies, produce engineering drawings for construction and permits, and consult on implementation.




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