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ENTRUST Solutions Group serves as a valuable source of manpower and talent for engineering and construction firms. Our services include project management, permitting, PE review and seal, make-ready engineering, and a host of other support services. We are your permitting solution provider, enabling you to keep your crews in the field and meet your customer timelines. ENTRUST’s teams are highly capable of supporting your turnkey operation through project management, attending client meetings, and managing the critical lifecycle of the permitting process.


ENTRUST project managers have extensive telecom industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to communicate and coordinate with other engineers, general contractors, developers, and vendors in completing your telecom service construction project. Whether you’re servicing one new customer, or servicing a new multi-plex facility, our project managers oversee and document your project from inception to completion.

As support to our clients’ easement acquisition project management teams, our expertise is in assessing
as-built infrastructure from various utilities: local municipal utilities, rural electrical cooperatives, gas, wind, and solar. Whether a 25-foot project or a 60-mile project, ENTRUST’s easement acquisition support team assists our clients with managing survey teams, organizing projects, and overall review in support of local, state, and national requirements. ENTRUST’s easement acquisition support team, coupled with experience in the various utility fields, also researches and analyzes plats, property deeds, and utility infrastructure in order to provide our clients with solid results.

ENTRUST Solutions Group’s broad expertise in ISP and OSP engineering projects ensures that your telecom project benefits from solutions developed in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. From underground verification, and as-built documentation, to aerial planning, and construction project management, telecom companies facing time pressure deadlines, count on our team to get the job done. Our national network of relationships with power and grid-related utilities and municipalities provides intelligence and smooths the way for approval across an entire spectrum of ISP/OSP objectives to conduct feasibility studies, produce engineering drawings for construction and permits, and consult on implementation.

ENTRUST Solutions Group provides permitting to meet the needs of your plant expansion and offers a wide array of permit application services in compliance with local ordinances. These applications include, but are not limited to, permitting for joint use or third-party attachment, city, county, state, and federal permits as well as railroad, and specialty permits including project-specific traffic control plans and permitting through the Army Corps of Engineers. Our local and national representation enable faster response and resolution for challenges that surface during the permitting process.

ENTRUST Solutions Group has a highly skilled team dedicated to make ready engineering. We are well versed in NESC and local PUC requirements and also can comply with the dynamic changes in specific pole owner requirements. Our flexibility yields faster submittal times and cost reduction for our clients.

ENTRUST Solutions Group provides a comprehensive assessment to eliminate guesswork and provide the foundation for an accurate cost analysis along with the ability to include pole loading as a part of third-party attachments applications as required by several electric utilities.

Given the varying standards among utilities and municipalities, it is crucial to secure a partner that can deliver reliable information with a quick turnaround. Telecommunication companies have the reassurance that an accurate and precise pole loading analysis will be submitted to the governing authorities for approval which in turn will prevent delays in receiving their notice to proceed for their attachment. ENTRUST will also offer remedies for failing poles and will suggest alternate design routes to alleviate costly pole replacements. We use the most current pole loading software that analyzes the pole based on latest NESC requirements and can provide our clients with PE-sealed reporting.

ENTRUST Solutions Group’s telecommunication department is extremely diverse, from field technicians to designers to professional electrical engineers. We provide professional engineering reviewed and sealed documents for all telecom services as required by local, state, and federal ordinances.




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