Substation Design and Replacement: Specialized Services for Inside and Outside the Fence

When substation design and replacement are discussed, it’s often assumed that it is in conjunction only with industrial solutions–plants, facilities, or refineries, inside the fence. Today it is inclusive of utility service providers or municipalities as well—those outside the fence.

No matter where your facility is, inside or outside the fence, the same factors determine when it’s time to replace a substation: growth, reliability problems, and safety issues. If the substation is old, has arc flash problems, or hasn’t been maintained well, the odds are good that it’s time to replace it before a safety problem occurs and someone is hurt.

Substation design and replacement is a specialty of EN Engineering. The process begins with actively listening to the client, evaluating their needs, and considering all aspects of the project and site, such as how many loads are at the site, how large the site is, or if any equipment needs replacing if the project is to add on capabilities. Every client deserves–and receives–a custom-designed solution for their project.

New designs include an electrical infrastructure that will meet client requirements for today and into the future. It is designed for reliability to make sure clients have a robust and reliable electrical service for their facility.

Safety, of course, is critical, and our expert teams ensure that every design meets all safety requirements, including the bulk arc flash safety standard, NFPA 70E.

We design the incoming transformers, the switch gear, breakers, and auxiliary equipment that might be needed there at the site, as well as protection and controls, including relays.

Our teams also perform flash studies and power system models in accordance with NFPA 70 requirements and can help to determine if equipment can be replaced to lower the arc flash into a safe zone or if a new design is necessary.

With 30 locations across the US, EN is perfectly positioned to help clients and be locally supportive. For information about how we can help with your project, contact Craig Conner at

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