GIS–Geospatial Engineering

Our dedicated team of GIS-Geospatial Engineering experts offer engineering design and data analytics services.

Using the latest and most advanced technologies, EN Engineering provides a full portfolio of geospatial solutions to aid clients in digitally locating, identifying, analyzing, and interactively connecting the data relating to assets. Our experts use a variety of processes and tools to collect, transform, analyze, and report various data formats for use in design, engineering, integrity management, and other applications. Our team also inputs new data and migrates existing data into a wide array of GIS, CAD, and mapping platforms.

Our expertise includes:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Modeling systems in a geospatially referenced platform helps clients see their assets—and the information relating to their assets—for better decision making, including risk assessment; regulatory compliance and reporting; and environmental impact.
  • Analytics for integrity management as it relates specifically to our distribution, transmission, storage, and liquids clients. Corrosion, gas main, and electric replacement programs are better planned when these analytics are available. EN Engineering uses spatial analysis to visualize, analyze, and interpret data to better understand patterns, risks, and trends in your data.
  • Mapping in a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with each clients’ software and internal systems. We also offer a range of mapping outputs from color, printed maps to AutoCad DWG files.
  • 3D Laser Scanning to help enhance project drawings and confirm as-built conditions. Our non-contact laser technologies generate highly detailed, three-dimensional “captures” of complex environments and geometries in a matter of minutes.
  • Alignment Sheet Generation and routing analysis utilizes geospatial data collected in the project area and imported to EN Engineering’s GIS database. Alignment is created through GIS tools and the collected data.
  • Asset Management Services to ensure that client GIS asset database content is up to date. Updates are available for most any data that requires regular updates such as pipelines, services, and parcel data.
  • As-Built Data Collection Solutions supports our inspection and field services teams with as-built information on a real-time basis to improve accuracy and timeliness of information entered into a GIS database.

EN Engineering is an Esri Partner


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