Seamless Service for Successful Station Upgrade

Working together on a huge upgrade project, EN Engineering’s Natural Gas Transmission, Environmental, and Construction Management teams helped Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) achieve project efficiencies during the replacement of their existing Manor Gate legacy station. The utility operates the entire Baltimore area gas distribution system and serves more than 650,000 customers.

The station upgrade project included two meter runs, four regulator runs, a separator/filter, heater, odorization, controls, and fire suppression, in addition to considerable construction of buildings and concrete to house this equipment. “This legacy station upgrade will take the transmission gas from TransCanada at 720 PSIG and lower the pressure to 269 PSIG to feed the client’s Beaver Dam and Notch Cliff transmission lines,” explained Keith Johnson, Senior Vice President.

EN Engineering took the design work from conception through completion and also provided the environmental and construction materials testing. Offering clients one-stop service with both design and construction management results in a number of efficiencies. “Our designs are extremely detailed and accurate, so there were very few field changes. Having our construction management on site eliminated time lapses for design questions during construction,” stated Johnson. The construction management team focused on jobsite safety, contractor oversight, adherence to BGE standards, and cathodic protection. In addition, they interfaced with the compliance team, Certified Weld Inspection and NACE coating inspection. “Weekly meetings with the client’s senior management were productive and kept the project on track,” Johnson concluded. “Providing the engineering and design as well as the field services and inspection services results in a seamless client experience.”

EN Engineering offers comprehensive construction management and inspection services, including:

  • Construction, site, and project management
  • Scheduling contractors & subcontractors
  • Regulatory code compliance and permitting
  • Site safety
  • On-site project inspection
  • Material logistics and suitability
  • Field design revision
  • Right-of-way coordination
  • As-built documentation

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