Assessing the feasibility and functional potential of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and emerging technologies is critical from multiple perspectives. These include operational factors such as power availability and interconnection, but also costs and practicality based on location and interconnectivity. To make these decisions wisely, ENTRUST Solutions Group offers assessment tools such as inspection gap analyses that are known to save both prospective and active projects millions of dollars. Developers seeking insights on the viability of new solutions to sell power to delivery systems benefit greatly from assessments on land proximity, network connectivity, and NERC compliance. When it comes to implementation, our interconnection expertise identifies challenges in advance and bridges gaps that even existing players in the electrical industry are known to miss. Depending on the need for investigation, the technical, economic, and engineering components of a renewable project can be assessed separately or together. That includes the potential impacts of environmental issues or regulatory constraints that often enter the process.

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