Renewable Gas

Renewable Gas will be a critical component to decarbonization. ENTRUST has been working with Utilities, Developers, Industrial and Operators to develop Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Hydrogen blending and Carbon Capture Use & Storage projects. ENTRUST believes that it is important to not only complete the technical aspects of designing the interconnects for these projects, but, utilize our operational experience to implement safety management sysem (SMS) protocals, operational procedures & standards, metallurgical and corrosion design to ensure safe reliable systems for several decades of service. We have the experience to work with our clients from initial project/program evaluation to commisioning of the the new renewable gas project. ENTRUST will also complete the required system modeling to ensure proper blended reneable energy is distributed throughout the network.

Areas of Focus


As energy companies implement their decarbonization goals towards becoming net zero carbon producers, renewable natural gas (RNG) projects are proving their worth as next-generation solutions. Landfills, animal & food waste, wastewater plants, and other synthetic gas sources present considerable potential as biomethane natural gas producers. Helping companies put that energy source to use through gas processing and technical interconnects to natural gas pipelines is just one of the ways that ENTRUST Solutions Group is providing technical support in the decarbonization initiative.

ENTRUST’s highly experienced team of engineers, metallurgists, safety professionals, and project managers are perfectly positioned to support the rapidly evolving hydrogen marketplace. Our team’s diverse experience supporting gas and electric utilities allows us to leverage in-house subject matter experts across the gas and electric transmission, distribution, and power generation spaces. We utilize this expertise to help shape projects and provide the necessary perspective to a broad group of stakeholders, helping them grasp the economic implications and engineering complexities involved in these cross-functional projects.

ENTRUST Solutions Group (formerly EN Engineering) has experts ready to work for those considering transporting carbon dioxide (CO2).  Capturing CO2 and transporting via a pipeline to underground storage is not new.  This process has been operating for many decades.  ENTRUST has the experience and capabilities to evaluate and design all aspects of the CO2 compression, pipeline, and facilities.  We will evaluate all operational needs of the project and complete the safest, most reliable, and cost-effective design.

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