Refinery Turnaround Calls for Collaboration

EN Engineering’s Industrial Solutions group works in a variety of industrial facilities across the country, including a Midwest refinery with an upcoming turnaround in fall 2020. EN has been involved in the turnaround planning and design process for several dozen design packages, which can include piping, mechanical, process, civil/structural, and electrical engineering inputs. The scope of work for these packages can include updating older infrastructure, de-bottlenecking operating units, and removing out of service fixed equipment. This leads to a safer and more profitable facility.

EN Project Manager Michael Brockman describes the process as, “integrating several small projects into one large overall project.” He continued, “our team focuses on effectively communicating with the client, making sure all stakeholders have provided input, and ensuring consensus has been established on the best path forward. This is executed through upfront site walk-downs and regular meetings with client operations and project teams.”

Business Development Manager Eric Gindlesperger explained, “we focus on providing an atmosphere of collaboration with our clients to define the scope of work at hand, which can be a constant challenge with so many different projects being integrated at once.”

With such an extensive network of fixed equipment, infrastructure, and materials to plan and calculate, practical issues include making sure that all parties are communicating effectively. “The internal turnaround coordinator is the critical link from that aspect,” Brockman observed.

“Not all of the turnaround packages involve hydrocarbon systems. A portion of the design services we provide involve utilities as well,” Gindlesperger noted. “These packages can include steam, nitrogen, cooling water, plant air, etc. which require specific planning with units that are still operational during the shutdown.”

The EN team helps refinery project leaders evaluate these needs and collaborate in ways to find cost savings, satisfy required scope, and complete the project on time. Above all, our team focuses on the client relationship and ensuring that their success is our highest priority. We do not go into projects with a predetermined design or solution. We highly value collaboration and input from all stakeholders to develop the best solution for everyone.

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