Utility Electric Distribution Engineering


Utility Electric Distribution Engineering




ENTRUST Solutions Group has provided distribution engineering services for a major Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) with operations in several states for more than seven years. During this time, we have acquired an intimate knowledge of the numerous standards, tools, and expectations associated with every aspect of these projects.


This particular IOU needed significant support to handle an increased volume of work in a variety of distribution areas across their electric system.

ENTRUST was tasked with quickly and efficiently deploying highly skilled project teams with the expertise to onboard all resources and learn our client’s systems, standards, and processes to execute these projects.


A few specific samples of projects ENTRUST has performed for this client include:

Job Type: IVVC
The IVVC Program collects feeder voltage readings and corrects them in real time along the circuit. Field studies are conducted to find issues within an existing system and we update and install capacitors while also conducting phase changes to balance the load.

Job Type: Tripsaver Program
The Tripsaver Program is a new initiative to protect many of the extended backbone taps of the distribution system. Tripsavers improve reliability by eliminating frequent outages caused by temporary faults.

Job Type: Recloser Installation
Recloser Installed Programs (H2E, GIP, SOG) attempt to prevent temporary faults by conducting field studies to find areas where there are less than ideal protection devices. These programs replace and install SCADA controlled reclosers which can be operated remotely while also retrofitting existing hydraulic reclosers to better operate in the optimized system.

Job Type: Circuit Tie
Work orders falling under circuit ties can range from open point recloser, switch installation and maintenance, and wire rework. These jobs create more strategic tie points between circuits to help promote grid security through SCADA programs and grid sectionalization devices.

Job Type: Overhead to Underground Conversion Projects
The OH to UG conversion program aims to create backfeed capability, relocation of a line for new service feed, and/or creating a new UG feeder to provide accessibility by removing the section of feeder with no access. This work typically requires permitting and obtaining easements for the right of way.

Key Results:

Over the several years this project has been running, our client has been impressed with ENTRUST’s rapid and effective deployment of resources to support their needs and requirements.

We provide this client with cost-effective, high quality, turnkey electric distribution project capabilities. Our expert teams deliver top-notch, collaborative support for a large volume of the client’s work over many functional areas, all at the same time.

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