System Safety and Integrity Rider (SSIR)


System Safety and Integrity Rider (SSIR)




The SSIR project involved the digitization of 500,000 historical gas services and mains in GE Smallworld software. This allowed ENTRUST Solutions Group’s client to determine where large-scale improvements to the gas infrastructure should be prioritized.

The historical gas services that were mapped ranged from the early 1900s through 2021 and needed to be categorized as active, abandoned, or removed. Our experienced team was extremely thorough and provided quality-driven updates resulting in the most up-to-date records of all pipe and fittings in the client’s service territory.


The challenges in this project meant our experienced SSIR team had to deal with construction and address changes that have happened over the past 100 years. As structures have been rebuilt throughout the past century, the gas services accompanying those buildings have also changed. Updating and maintaining a detailed record of all the former gas service locations was a priority for our client.


ENTRUST’s highly skilled SSIR team was fully trained to aid this specific client within their first few weeks to deal with this challenge. The client’s senior employees collaborated with our team and demonstrated the many different tools that could be used to investigate the changes that have occurred over time. These tools included historical aerial imagery and county assessment records. After training was complete, our team exhibited great patience and diligence, resolving each change by researching the area and using all the tools at their disposal.

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