PSI Audit Identifies Compliance and Offers Focused Guidance


PSI Audit Identifies Compliance and Offers Focused Guidance




Our client, one of the country’s largest refineries, requested that ENTRUST Solutions Group perform a Process Safety Information audit for their FCC unit.


This audit had to comply with the requirements of the Refinery PSI Standard Practices. The request for proposal identified the following elements which were audited during this process:

  • Plot plan drawings
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Electrical area classifications
  • Equipment files/Instrument data sheets
  • Equipment files/Relief valve data sheets
  • Equipment files/Fixed and rotating equipment
  • Material and energy balances
  • Ventilation system design data
  • Occupied buildings ventilation system design data
  • Pressurized/purged enclosures


ENTRUST Solutions Group assembled an expert team of PSI professionals. The team consisted of an audit leader, two P&ID walk-down staff, one electrical & instrumentation engineer, and one staff member reviewing M&E balance information.

The objective of the audit was to identify compliance status with the selected PSI elements and to provide focused guidance to upgrade the level of compliance of the Process Safety Information program. These PSI audits are in alignment with the facility PHA standard that requires PSI to be evaluated and updated prior to submitting PSI records to the PHA team in advance of the actual PHA start date.

The ENTRUST team is a critical part of our PSI program. Their experience and expertise support our PSI efforts, and they provide high-quality work for the refinery.

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