Pipeline Expansion Completed with Minimal Disruption to Operations


Pipeline Replacement and System Expansion


Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan


A midstream pipeline company called on ENTRUST Solutions Group to provide a FEED study, detailed engineering design, and construction support for the replacement and expansion of their pipeline system.


In addition to a demanding speed-to-market timeline, the client desired to keep the pipeline system and terminals operational and avoid extended shutdowns during construction. A key component of the design was keeping the terminals operational while connecting the new tankage, headers, pumps, and meters.


ENTRUST Solutions Group provided design for two grass roots pump stations, as well as project management, project scoping, cost estimates, and detailed design and construction support. The project also included total redesignrebuild, and expansion of an existing terminal infrastructure, with the goal of keeping the terminal operational with only a 4-day shutdown.

ENTRUST designed an origin pump station, including connection to the redesigned terminal, a grass roots custody transfer meter facility, and installed 197 miles of 36-inch pipeline. The project also included design of a new launcher and receiver site to accommodate the interconnection of two pipelines and allow tight line flow between two pipelines.

The ENTRUST team finished the work with minimal disruption to operations and met an extremely demanding timeline. The project progressed from initial concept to full operation within two years.

In addition to a demanding speed-to-market timeline, the client desired to keep the terminal operational and avoid disruption to existing operations during construction.

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