Meter and Regulator Station Upgrades


Meter and Regulator Station Upgrades


New York


The client, a large pipeline company, requested the help of ENTRUST Solutions Group to expand the capacity and system flexibility of their existing meter and regulating (M&R) station to approximately 1,200 MMSCFD. This was accomplished by installing two additional 16-inch ultrasonic meter runs, two full capacity filter separators, a water bath heater, two sets of dual flow and pressure control valve runs, along with the associated valves and liquid storage tank.


The challenging design involved adding a third M&R substation to the already space-constrained station footprint while providing maximum system flexibility for both measurement and flow control between the three substations.


ENTRUST Solutions Group engineered, designed, drafted, procured and created the necessary documents to help our client increase the overall station capacity to approximately 1,200 MMSCFD thru a series of station upgrades, including the installation of new meter and regulating equipment. The new facilities were designed to have a stand-alone capacity of 900 MMSCFD. The new design consisted of two, 16-inch ultrasonic meter runs; two filter separators; an indirect fired water bath heater; flow and pressure control valves; and all associated EFM and system safety equipment. This new M&R station was designed to operate independently or in tandem with the existing two substations to provide increased system flexibility and reliability. The facility upgrades included replacing three existing turbine meter runs with new AGA-compliant ultrasonic measurement equipment, additional overpressure protection devices, and modifications to the existing RTU building to accommodate the new equipment. A station cross-tie with over pressure protection was also included to allow for an alternate feed of filtered gas to the existing measurement equipment.

The ENTRUST Solutions Group team worked closely with the client to develop the necessary drawings and supporting documents to meet FERC, federal, state, and local requirements. The team developed and maintained a detailed project plan to ensure everyone was working towards the same project milestones, including the FERC submittal, permit requirements, and design installation. Complete bills of material and purchasing requisitions were prepared for both long- and short-term material. ENTRUST assisted the client with the associated procurement activities by preparing Request for Quotations (RFQ), segregated by category, to allow the client to submit requests for quotation in an orderly format.

ENTRUST Solutions Group engineered, designed, drafted, procured and created the necessary documents to help our client increase the overall station capacity.

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