Lost Pines Rebuild


Lost Pines Rebuild


Bastrop, Texas


In September of 2011, high winds from Tropical Storm Lee downed power lines in Bastrop, Texas, and sparked what would become the most destructive wildfire in Texas history. The Bastrop County Complex Fire, as it would become known, caused an estimated $325 million in insured property damage. One of the more significantly impacted areas was the Lost Pines Forest and the homes in the region. 


Most of the utility poles in Lost Pines were destroyed by the fire, including all communications infrastructure. Now, 10 years later, residents and businesses are rebuilding and moving back. 

The revitalization of this area means there is a steady need for access to CATV communications. Our client reached out to ENTRUST Solutions Group, asking us to help them accomplish their rebuild of Lost Pines and assist with the permitting of approximately 3,000 utility poles. The sheer size of this project is well beyond the norm and provided an impressive challenge.


ENTRUST began by working with our client and the local utility company to initiate the project. A walkout team was sent to survey the area and compare it to maps that were provided by the electric utility. Once the desired routes were identified, the project was broken up into smaller pieces and assigned priority based on the client’s build schedule. 

The next step was to carefully survey all poles in each segment, including taking photographs and measurements of every pole. This data was then compiled into applications, including any make ready recommendations necessary to make room on the poles while allowing for clearance and safety regulations. 

Because of our strong relationship with the utility and our knowledge of their joint use process, we were able to expedite the submittal and approval process. Having dedicated field teams was critical and made it possible to complete permitting ahead of schedule.

“We worked closely with the utility to deliver completed applications at a steady pace to ensure that they were not overloaded with all applications at once.”

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