Fall Protection Hazards Mitigated to Enhance Safety


Platform Upgrade for Fall Hazard Remediation


Catlettsburg, KY


Working together, LJB, Inc., a firm specializing in safety and environmental engineering, and ENTRUST Solutions Group offer expert Fall Hazard Analysis and Remediation services. The client, one of the largest crude oil refiners in the U.S., worked with LJB to complete a Fall Hazard Analysis, and ENTRUST Solutions Group followed up by performing the detailed engineering and design of the corrective actions identified.


The project required buy in from a variety of personnel, including engineering, maintenance, construction, and operations, so ongoing and thorough communication was critical for success.


A comprehensive Fall Hazard Analysis was completed to identify deficiencies throughout the refinery. Following a feasibility study to confirm the deficiencies had not already been mitigated and the egress items were required for operations, ENTRUST Solutions Group developed and presented cost projections to the client. Upon budget approval, the team performed detailed engineering and design to correct the issues identified by the Fall Hazard Analysis, including the design of platforms, ladders, handrailing, grating, and swing gates.

ENTRUST has helped the client organize the project to produce a steady flow of engineering deliverables that coincide with construction schedules. Each segment of work has been completed on budget and on time. The client can now be assured that the fall protection deficiencies have been, or will soon be, corrected and they are in compliance with OSHA standards.

The team performed detailed engineering and design to correct the safety deficiencies identified by the Fall Hazard Analysis.

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