ENTRUST Solutions Group Commissions Complex, Interstate Pipeline Project


Transmission Pipeline Automation and Commissioning


Southeastern U.S.


Our client, a large US pipeline operator, contracted us to complete automation and commissioning for their pipeline. The natural gas pipeline transports over 1 billion cubic feet per day across 517 miles. The project included the compressor station automation and commissioning, as well as commissioning for the M&R site and main line valve. The facilities included 496 miles of 36” pipeline, 21 miles of 24” pipeline, three grass roots compressor stations, four meter and regulation stations, thirty-three main line valve sites, controls and automation, and full commissioning services at all facilities.


This large-scale project covered 517 miles across 3 states and required diligent tracking of multiple site construction schedules, staffing, and staging logistics. In addition, the project had an accelerated in-service date, and the team was tasked with construction prioritization while still working in tandem with the construction management.


In order to meet the demanding schedule and project complexity, ENTRUST Solutions Group assigned a project director to manage the entire project and then split the project into three manageable pieces: 1) compressor stations, 2) M&R sites/main line valves, and 3) rovers to assist on demand at other sites. These smaller, nimble teams enabled us to react quickly to client demands and changes in the project scope.

The project teams performed all compressor station programming, pre-commissioning, and commissioning for three compressor stations, 33 mainline block valves, and four meter and regulation stations. The project included creation of site-specific, detailed commissioning manuals with start-up procedures describing the sequence of events for commissioning each of these systems, including visual inspection and energization support; PLC/HMI software development; factory acceptance testing; site acceptance testing; tuning; and training. In addition, ENTRUST provided standard operator maintenance and on-site training demonstrations for all written applications, including HMI display operation; loop and point configuration; custom applications; and reports.

The ENTRUST Solutions Group team met the demanding requirements and accelerated in-service date for the complex, interstate pipeline expansion. The project spanned eight months and employed as many as 30 employees who worked in excess of 22,000 hours. Resources were tightly managed to minimize cost and maximize effectiveness. Efficient and effective communication and daily project meetings ensured a successful, coordinated effort.

The ENTRUST Solutions Group team met the demanding requirements and accelerated in-service date for the complex, interstate pipeline expansion project.

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