CRM SCADA Updated to Unified, Modern Architecture




United States


A leader in the gathering, transportation, processing, and storage of natural gas was operating a number of gas compression pipelines using a mixture of legacy Human Machine Interface (HMI) implementations that were not unified. They approached ENTRUST Solutions Group seeking a solution that would encompass conversion of HMI assets across their facilities to a common platform that would leverage centralized code management and template-driven design to comply with federal mandates in 49CFR192 for Control Room Management.


With more than 100 stations geographically distributed from Texas to Maine, the size and scope of the completed system presented implementation challenges.


ENTRUST Solutions Group created processes and tools to facilitate consistent and accurate HMI conversions to a common, modern architecture. Using these processes and tools, ENTRUST worked directly with the client to complete the conversion of more than 100 stations into a single, centrally managed HMI infrastructure. The customized tools assisted in the batch conversion process, enabling accurate progress reporting and programmatic conversion where applicable. Project-specific automated reports were generated and reviewed by the project team weekly.

An unprecedented HMI architecture, implemented under Wonderware System Platform, was created to leverage template-driven design and reduce the amount of site-specific duplication. Computer Workstation Configuration was also script-driven, reducing the possibility of human error and increasing consistency in the finished systems. Communications between all system computers were optimized through customized code to support the large deployment under Wonderware System Platform. Managing the completion of the individual station HMI conversions was facilitated using Kanban methodology and daily stand-up meetings amongst the project team to ensure smooth execution and address execution blocks early and effectively.

ENTRUST Solutions Group created processes to facilitate accurate HMI conversions to a modern architecture, and converted more than 100 stations into a single, centrally-managed HMI infrastructure.

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