Compressor Station Expansion


Compressor Station Expansion


Central Ohio


ENTRUST Solutions Group was contracted to engineer, design, draft, procure, and create the necessary documents to install two new solar turbine compressor sets (one Solar Centaur compressor unit and one Solar Taurus compressor unit) in an existing compressor building. In 2007 the client had designed the compressor building to hold a Mars 100 unit, while allowing room for an additional Mars 100 unit.


Because the team was working within the confines of an existing building, the project design was extremely challenging and involved skilled space utilization. Each turbine plus intake system, exhaust system, lube oil cooling system, discharge gas cooler, and inlet filter separator had to be shoehorned into a small space. In addition, the team had to tie the piping into seven different unique services at the station.


During the feasibility study, the team recommended adding two smaller turbines instead of another Solar Mars gas turbine to gain the additional horsepower that was needed. A 3D model allowed the client to visualize the concept, convincing them to follow the team’s recommendation—which included installing a full basement in the building. In addition, the team presented recommendations to tie the piping into the existing fuel and starting gas systems, instrument air system, HVAC system, and gas piping and header, as well as plans to connect all compressors, compressor cooling systems, emergency shutdown valves, electrical design and support, controls and instrumentation. The existing auxiliary equipment and electrical interconnections were checked to determine if any modifications were needed. The new units were designed for fully automatic operation in both local and remote control modes and are capable of unattended operation via a PLC-based control system.

ENTRUST Solutions Group also assisted with procurement by preparing specifications, RFQs, and purchase requisitions. The ENTRUST team’s creative design solution was instrumental in the success of the project, and the work was completed under budget.

The challenging project design involved skilled utilization of existing space and was completed under budget.

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