Challenging Pipeline Upgrade


Pipeline Automation Upgrade




One of the country’s largest midstream companies required an infrastructure upgrade to an existing pipeline to optimize the quality of outbound products. The project took five years to complete from original conception to field implementation.


Because the facility has one of the highest line throughputs in the country, the system design had to meet extremely high pipeline throughput demands. In addition, the project presented a number of networking challenges, as multiple customer communication networks required conversions. Finally, because the client’s pipeline transports a vast array of products, each had to be considered individually with regard to control system response.


ENTRUST Solutions Group utilized an advanced algorithm to determine outbound product properties, which significantly reduced the amount of time to initialize the control system. To address the wide range of pipeline product flowrates, a multi-injector control solution provided full turndown on fungible product flow ranges. Finally, the team installed a fully redundant control network and automatic failover systems for critical project-related devices including servers, applications, databases, pumps, drives, and analyzers. Platforms utilized included Wonderware System Platform, Rockwell Automation software, and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix hardware.

The system design had to meet extremely high pipeline throughput demands and presented a number of networking challenges.

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