Advanced Metering Infrastructure Modernization


AMI Communication Network Design


Southwest Indiana


Our client, a major provider of electrical and gas services in Indiana, was expanding their Data Transmission Network by adding connected grid routers (CGRs) to their poles and requested assistance designing the new pole locations.


One of the installation locations placed the pole in a customer’s front yard, and they called to complain and request relocation. In addition, the client’s project team changed mid-way through the project.


ENTRUST Solutions Group provided design services to help a client expand their data transmission network. The project team surveyed and designed 41 connected grid routers (CGRs) on utility poles. Since the client was adding poles outside for their electric service territory, ENTRUST served as the interface between the client and three different electric utilities to secure permits and new power drops. After surveying the route to determine appropriate locations for the CGRs, the team used GPS technology to identify and map the installation locations. Designs for each CGR were created, and the team worked to obtain right of way, city/county permits, and identify the utility company that would supply service to each location.

The team worked with the unhappy residential customer to resolve the problematic pole installation location and ensured they were satisfied with the new location. In addition, the client’s team changed mid-way through the project, so the ENTRUST team met with the new staff and provided a detailed briefing to bring them up to speed and alleviate any potential delays.

The ENTRUST Solutions Group team mitigated the potentially long lead time by making adjustments to the scope.

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