67 kV to 13.2kV Substation Rebuild


67 kV to 13.2kV Substation Rebuild


A central Indiana Municipal, through a system study, determined that their aging power distribution system required major upgrades to provide reliable service to their customers. Their Westside substation, the third in their system to be upgraded, served several industrial customers. This substation was built in the mid 1980’s and was experiencing unplanned outages due to the aging and failing equipment. The upgrade included replacement of two 67 kV to 13.2kV power transformers, the addition of two 72.5 kV SF6 circuit breakers and replacement of the switchgear that was a main-tie-main configuration with eight feeders.


The municipal’s system was not capable of providing power to their industrial customers if the entire Westside substation was taken out of service for the rebuild.


ENRUST Solutions Group developed a plan that included installation of one of the new power transformers and locating one of the new 72.5 SF6 circuit breakers in a temporary location with a temporary protective relay panel. Pole mounted reclosers were installed to temporarily supply power to two of their most heavily loaded feeders from that substation. This allowed the remainder of the substation to be rebuilt without having to bring in a portable substation providing significant savings for the municipal.
Once the second transformer was replaced and the new switchgear installation was completed, the two temporary feeders were moved to the switchgear and the temporarily located 72.5 SF6 circuit breaker was moved to its final location and tied into the station 67 kV bus.

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