An overview of the Land Spill Azure toolset

The Land Spill Azure toolset contains the tools that allow you to prepare your release points for overland flow simulation, launch Land Spill GeoClaw overland flow simulation processing on Microsoft Azure®, download overland flow simulation results from Azure, and prepare those results for display visualization and further analysis in ArcGIS Pro.

Tool Description
Create Encrypted Azure Credential File Builds an encrypted, passcode-protected file that stores Microsoft Azure batch and storage account credentials.
Create GeoClaw Cases Creates a Land Spill GeoClaw case folder and configuration files inside this folder for each release point in preparation for subsequent Land Spill GeoClaw processing on Azure.
Create Multidimensional Raster Mosaic Creates a multidimensional raster mosaic dataset from Land Spill GeoClaw NetCDF plume simulation results output files for use in display and visualization in ArcGIS Pro.
Delete Azure Resources Allows you to delete the Land Spill GeoClaw Azure processing pool and job from your Azure Batch account, and the associated storage container from your Azure Storage account.
Download Cases from Azure Downloads simulation results Land Spill GeoClaw results from Microsoft Azure to your Liquids HCA project workspace.
Monitor Azure Resources Monitors Land Spill GeoClaw Azure Batch account pool resources and job tasks for the Land Spill GeoClaw Azure Batch job.
Reactivate GeoClaw Cases Restarts failed Land Spill GeoClaw case tasks in your Microsoft Azure Batch account Land Spill GeoClaw batch job.
Run Cases on Azure Submits Land Spill GeoClaw overland flow simulation cases to Azure for execution.
Update GeoClaw Case Status Updates your release point features with the status of the corresponding Azure Land Spill GeoClaw task in your Land Spill GeoClaw batch job.

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