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Clear Intermediate Data clears the intermediate data that is generated while executing the NHDPlus High Resolution Data Download, Hydro Trace, and Calculate Hydro Trace HCA Intersections tools.

To learn more about the Liquids HCA Tool in general, please see Liquids HCA Tool Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn more about the structure of the Liquids HCA Tool project geodatabase, please see Liquids HCA Tool Data Dictionary.


The NHDPlus High Resolution Data Download tool downloads NHDPlus High Resolution (HR) data on a sub-regional (HUC-4) watershed basis. Depending on the distribution of your centerline route features, the tool downloads one or more sub-regional watershed NHDPlus HR datasets. All available NHDPlus HR data is downloaded, including data not used directly by the Hydro Trace tool. This ‘raw’ NHDPlus HR hydrography data is stored in the NHD_TEMP folder in the Scratch Folder for your active ArcGIS Pro project. Each downloaded NHDPlus HR sub-regional watershed includes one Esri file geodatabase and one SQLite relational database. If you do not desire to retain the unprocessed NHDPlus HR hydrography data for your records, you may run Clear Intermediate Data to delete the NHD_TEMP folder and its contents.

The Hydro Trace and Calculate Hydro Trace HCA Intersections tools write intermediate data to an Esri file geodatabase named TempOutput_SA.gdb, which is stored in the HT_TEMP folder in the Scratch Folder for your active ArcGIS Pro project. While this intermediate data may be useful in some debugging activities, it is nonessential output and may be readily removed from your system. Clear Intermediate Data deletes the HT_TEMP folder and its contents.

Clear Intermediate Data requires the following input parameter:

  • Target Workspace – This parameter allows you to specify the path to the workspace where the intermediate data for theNHDPlus High Resolution Data Download, Hydro Trace, and Calculate Hydro Trace HCA Intersections tools is stored. The default value for this parameter in the Scratch Folder for the active ArcGIS Pro project. If you are running Clear Intermediate Data from the same ArcGIS Pro project as the aforementioned tools, there should be no reason to alter the default value.

In a typical Liquids HCA analysis workflow, Clear Intermediate Data is run after Calculate Hydro Trace HCA Intersections.

For visual reference on Liquids HCA Tool execution order, see Liquids HCA Tool Process Flow Diagrams.



Parameter Explanation Data Type

Dialog Reference

Specify the workspace containing the intermediate data to delete.

There is no Python reference for this parameter.


Code sample

The following script demonstrates how to use Clear Intermediate Data with file geodatabase data:

import arcpy
# Import Liquids HCA Tools
arcpy.ImportToolbox(r”C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\Lib\site-packages\liquidshca\esri\toolboxes\LiquidsHCA.pyt”)
output_workspace = r”C:\Users\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects\MyProject\scratch


Scratch Folder

Licensing information

This tool requires a valid Liquids HCA Tool user license or subscription. Please see the Request License and Register License tool help topics for details on obtaining and registering a Liquids HCA Tool software license.

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