Request License

The following instructions show you how to register the license using ArcGIS Pro and the Liquids HCA Tool Request License tool.

  1. Open ArcGIS Pro and navigate to the Geoprocessing/Toolboxes/Liquids HCA Tools.

Here you will see the toolboxes for the Liquids HCA Tool.

Select the Liquids HCA Tools toolbox. Then, select the License toolset. Finally, navigate to and select the Request Licensetool.

2. Double‑click on the Request License tool to open the tool and view its input parameter fields. Fill out the information requested by the tool. Before requesting a license of any type, you can review the G2-IS End User License Agreement,which defines the terms and conditions of your use of the software.

3. Navigate and select the ‘Run’ button located at the bottom right corner of the Request License

4. The Request License tool notifies and formally requests a license from the G2-IS license administrator by sending an email to Once your request is received and processed, an email will be sent to you containing an appropriate license token.

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