An overview of the Gas HCA Tool toolbox

The Gas HCA Tool toolbox contains the low-level tools that support Class Location analysis for natural gas transmission and gathering lines, and High Consequence Area (HCA) and Moderate Consequence Area (MCA) analysis for gas transmission lines. The Gas HCA Tool toolbox also provides Licensing utility tools that you use to request and register a license for the software.

The Gas HCA Tool toolbox has three toolsets:

Tool Description
License The License toolset contains a pair of utility tools that allow you to request, and then register, your license for the Gas HCA Tool software.
Prepare The Prepare toolset comprises a series of tools designed to import pipeline and ancillary data into a Gas HCA Tool project geodatabase, as well as condition that data in preparation for Class Location and HCA-MCA analysis.
Process The Process toolset contains the tools that actually perform analysis for Class Location and HCA-MCA determination, using the conditioned data generated by the tools in the Prepare toolset.

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