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Gas HCA Tool Help Overview

As we continue to move forward in our understanding and knowledge base, G2-IS is committed to providing our customers the best solutions by utilizing leading technologies in our market.

Gas HCA Tool was developed by G2 Integrated Solutions (G2-IS) to bring about change and technologically adaptive solutions to the traditional manual methods for sliding mile Class Location, High Consequence Area (HCA), and Moderate Consequence Area(MCA) analysis that are extremely time consuming and suffer from inaccuracy and lack of reproducibility.

G2-IS is proudly introducing Gas HCA Tool, which increases HCA-MCA and Class Location accuracy by eliminating inefficient manual processes. Gas HCA Tool gives you the power to rapidly and efficiently produce results that are consistent, reliable, reproducible, and defendable.

Gas HCA Tool is a Python based tool. Python is a language that is preferred by ESRI. Gas HCA Tool can run on both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro. Therefore, G2-IS provides one software that seamlessly delivers capabilities for all versions of ArcGIS. The Toolbox tools are setup to meet critical steps and, therefore, each tool can be customized to meet specific needs. The tools are used to build the models. These models can be used and customized to your unique processing needs. For instance, the tools can be linked together in the Model Builder to create unique customized models.

The Gas HCA Tool toolbox and the Gas HCA Master Tool toolbox, together, contain 26 tools. The Gas HCA Tool toolbox has 3 toolsets, which are, respectively, License tool set, Prepare tool set, and Process tool set. The Gas HCA Master Tool toolbox was developed to expedite processing capabilities. Each tool within the Gas Master Tool toolbox is presented with a ModelBuilder model that will help you understand overall tool execution dependency within the Gas HCA Master toolbox. Gas HCA Tool maintains its own project geodatabase and allows you to pull pipeline data from any database. Results are generated as geospatial features, can easily be exported into tabular formats, and can be readily imported into your Geographic Information System (GIS). All the data output obtained from running each tool is saved to this geodatabase. This capability allows you to view all your data seamlessly. It provides a direct source for data to be stored and accessed. This can be vital when different processing is needed, and the data is available for providing the end-result for those needs.

The following sections will break down the importance of Gas HCA Tool and the topics that it further supports.

For a deeper understanding and explanation on these topics, please see the G2-IS White Papers page. Here we will go into depth about the importance of the tool and some of the underlying issues that can be eased using Gas HCA Tool.

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