The hallmark of a good utility is reliability. Automation not only provides consistency to maximize reliability, but can help reduce costs, enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and improve maintenance capabilities while addressing ongoing challenges faced by utility companies. Every utility requires strong foundational architecture when it comes to automation, including fortified cybersecurity to protect their assets. ENTRUST provides proven automation solutions that are designed, installed, and supported with the unparalleled expertise that comes from working in the power industry for many years. Our certification with CSIA validates our systems integration expertise, along with our established partnerships with leading industrial automation companies.

Optimized control systems are key to keeping up with regulatory compliance, meeting consumer demand, addressing operational deficiencies, and operating safely and efficiently while facing labor and resource shortages, and so much more. We serve the full-range of needs in the power industry for investor-owned utility companies, rural electric cooperatives, municipal systems, renewable generators, and site-specific generators. ENTRUST has regional offices located nationwide to provide convenient access to automation professionals who collaborate with clients and empower utilities to serve customers with a focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability.


Gathering information through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to drive power facility operations is just the starting point for process improvement. Identifying system shortcomings demands insights that aren’t always available in-house. Identifying cost efficient solutions and planning next-generation best practices are two of the most important ways that ENTRUST helps power industry clients find ways to solve problems and plan for the future. From solving communication challenges to creating SCADA interfaces that make practical sense to operators and managers, ENTRUST experts identify solutions that work. Our teams don’t sell equipment or market software, so our only vested interest is in helping clients achieve maximum efficiency through intelligent investment and management. We provide these services at every scale, from control rooms and screens to entire regional networks. Power industry clients trust us to improve reporting while identifying trends and correlations in system operations to achieve regulatory compliance. Automation is a powerful tool in the right hands. We make sure those hands are yours.

The “black box” inside every power plant is the excitation controls unit upon which all power generation operations depend. While plant managers recognize the importance of these functions, the expertise to calibrate, troubleshoot, and reprogram excitation controls is typically not available in-house. The expertise offered by ENTRUST Solutions Group includes technical capabilities trusted even by excitation control manufacturers in the design and testing of their systems. Our teams bring that level of knowledge to tasks in design and drawings, bid specs, engineering, and commissioning of excitation controls. Our experts are instrumental in directing mandated tests, including NERC PRC-019-1 and other regulatory standards. From routine calibration to emergency response due to malfunctions, ENTRUST Solutions Group is the complete support source from utilities to co-generation and remote sites wherever power is vital to sustain and deliver.

Meeting DCS and PLC challenges to manage core and non-core processes in the power industry is a question of finding trusted expertise to deliver the best outcomes. Utility companies and energy developers across the power industry spectrum depend on ENTRUST for advanced software knowledge and engineering experience to drive real world solutions. This trust is critical in an era when power companies are turning to outside resources on an increasing basis. Our ability to troubleshoot problems through DCS and PLC programming support is directly focused on helping our clients achieve and maintain reliability. That commitment means we respect budget boundaries and work collaboratively to establish the most effective course of action. That’s as true in a cycle of damage recovery as it is when planning upgrades or new projects. From a user perspective, we excel at eliminating redundant instrumentation, conquering unwanted trip events, and cutting down on operator error to save costs caused by utility penalties, equipment failure, and lost productivity for customers.





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