Consulting and Program Management

As a leader in pipeline consulting and program management, ENTRUST Solutions Group understands our clients’ need for the successful delivery of projects on time and within budget. Our expert team is here to identify and solve technical issues, assist with project conception, development, and planning, and help with the technical, regulatory, and operational aspects of electric power systems.

Our dedicated consultant team has a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience that comes into play as we partner with our clients from project conception through completion. We offer services in project/program management, feasibility and system planning, modernization and standardization, procurement and materials expediting, permitting, field services and inspection, 3D scanning, and gas system reliability and safety.


ENTRUST Solutions Group offers a complete suite of project and program management services, covering areas ranging from site selection to permitting, inspections, and commissioning. Our team members are highly experienced in keeping projects on schedule, on budget, and providing frequent progress reports. Even more, we build close relationships with our clients and add consistency in an area where the client may experience high turnover rates in personnel. As time goes on, our clients find that it’s not unusual for us to have more experience with their company than they do. This allows us to bring incredible value to project after project, providing expertise and standardization to each team. ENTRUST’s project/program managers adhere to the Project Management Institute’s five phases–conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

Our staff is experienced in providing support for pipeline modernization and standardization initiatives. New federal mandates and safety rules may lead our clients to develop a modernization program focusing on replacements and upgrades of aging pipelines and associated facilities. ENTRUST provides engineering services to support modernization efforts by producing cost estimates, construction drawings, material specifications, and many other deliverables as part of the overall process. When modernization programs span multiple years, ENTRUST assembles dedicated engineering teams to foster consistency and drive efficiency with each task.

Standardization is a process by which an operator makes use of best practices and technology updates to create guidelines or designs to be utilized throughout a region. This activity often requires revising company specifications and standard drawings. ENTRUST partners with our clients to facilitate this process. Our subject matter experts lead the way in updating specifications, often meeting with or interviewing client stakeholders to prepare the documents. Similarly, standardized drawings are created or updated based on feedback from material sourcing, construction, and operations. ENTRUST is regularly able to implement company standards during project execution and then follow-up with recommendations to update or improve those standards.

At ENTRUST Solutions Group, our procurement specialists view every project as an opportunity to help our clients evaluate suppliers, identify critical materials and long lead items, obtain bids, provide solutions for time-sensitive projects, and conduct research for comparisons on best purchasing options. Through these services, we help our clients fulfill RFPs and RFQs, make sub-contracting decisions, and proceed with confidence. With decades of experience developing gas specifications, ENTRUST procurement specialists collaborate with our engineers to identify each project’s best resources and pricing. This purchasing data affords our clients a fuller perspective of market trends, predictive factors, and product selection, making service comparisons and technical decision-making far easier. Most of all, ENTRUST Solutions Group delivers procurement insights to conduct accurate bid analysis and accountability in financial, regulatory, and construction requirements.

Additional services include commercial and technical bid analyses, making recommendations to the client, and preparing requisitions. Materials expediting services include regular communication with suppliers and clients regarding schedule and coordinating approval drawing reviews.

ENTRUST Solutions Group offers comprehensive construction management and inspection services with an emphasis on ensuring safe and compliant installations for gas assets across the country. Our highly qualified team of field engineers, inspectors, and construction managers have decades of experience and knowledge of industry codes, government regulations, standards, and procedures. The majority of ENTRUST’s inspectors and construction managers have direct operating experience, many of whom have spent over 20 years installing and maintaining gas systems. ENTRUST has the kind of “been there, done that” experience needed to drive your construction projects to successful completion. This means our team can hit the ground running with very little ramp up time, a crucial benefit to your project’s performance. ENTRUST believes in creating partnerships that bring world-class experience and expertise into alignment with every project, making sure all needs are met.

We are committed to proactively balancing our personnel so that we are agile and able to quickly meet the inspection needs of our clients. An integral part of this is our dedicated recruiting staff, who keeps a database of potential inspectors updated and on hand. Our inspectors are certified by API (API 1169), AWS (CWI, CPWI), and NACE (CIP Level 1 and Level 2) among other industry organizations. Our core services include field engineering, construction management, material logistics and management, regulatory code and client specific code compliance, site safety, watch and protect services for third-party excavators, operations support, inspection management, welding and coating inspection, general/utility inspection, and environmental inspection.

ENTRUST has extensive experience in completing the activities necessary to obtain the required civil (non-environmental) permits for pipeline projects. These permits are primarily related to road (interstates, state, county, municipal) crossings, railroad crossings, and the installation of temporary and permanent access roads and driveways. ENTRUST can research the permitting authority, determine the permitting requirements, and prepare the necessary drawings and permit application package for submittal to the jurisdictional authority.

ENTRUST has experience with all crossing methods, including HDD, jack-and-bore, slick bore, pipe ramming, and open-cut. The ENTRUST team is well versed in American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way (AREMA) guidelines, as well as individual railroad requirements and standards. Our team has developed relationships with a number of these entities, which helps aid in the approval process for future projects.

At ENTRUST, we make it a priority to stay on top of cutting-edge technology, in knowledge, and in equipment. This is especially true with 3D laser scanning. With this service, we can capture highly detailed, three-dimensional scans of complex environments and geometries in a rapid and cost-effective matter. If facilities are hard to reach or measure, or when safety is an issue, 3D scanning is an effective way to document assets. Our team leads the field with their expertise, allowing them to dramatically increase data accuracy, productivity, and the quality of the product. This also translates into less time in the field, fewer return site visits, elimination of conflicts prior to retrofit construction, easily converting data into CAD drawings and models, and integrating software platforms efficiently.





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