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Distribution overhead or underground line design involves factors as diverse in scale from regional climate trends to local soil compositions. Tapping into that level of expertise is why clients of EN Engineering turn to our nationwide company with its network of regional offices. We offer broad-based knowledge and a local familiarity gained from designing and implementing overhead and underground line design in every setting from the urban environments to backcountry wilds. We help you gain a deep understanding of overhead versus underground design options using data-driven financial and risk assessment to determine successful preventative and crisis management tactics such as fire hardening, storm response, and regional variables affecting line design. Our industry-tested line design teams dedicate their expertise to the long-term success of our clients/partners.

In an ideal world, power generation utilities maintain a reliable communications network to measure, manage, and document performance output in real-time. Yet aging infrastructure and outdated telecommunications equipment are often the reality, and it can require a significant investment in time and money to bring support technologies up to speed. Identifying critical opportunities for equipment and strategy upgrades is a vital first step. EN Engineering serves as a partner with utilities nationwide to bring practical and strategic insight to bear on upgrades including fiber design in utility telecommunications. EN is a leading source of automation technology for power generation and delivery markets, providing direction in infrastructure upgrades, software development including SCADA design, substation relays, and implementation across networks and enterprise systems.




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