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Transmission and Distribution (T&D) teams managing extensive networks often require support to stay ahead of maintenance programs and collaborate with key partners. The commitment to those agreements and associated responsibilities can overwhelm even the most competent staff and field service technicians. EN engineers provide direct leadership planning and support to give utilities and their telecommunication partners assurance that these assets get managed for safety, compliance, and optimal performance. With a nationwide presence structured around regional offices, our joint use program management teams offer expertise in requirements aligned with national, state, and local statutes. EN engineers are there when you need them, including remote communications technologies, to troubleshoot and deliver solutions in every circumstance.

Overhead grid assets, including utility poles, lines for electrical and communications wiring, and supply space equipment, stand at perpetual risk from a wide range of harmful or threatening conditions. From dry heat and fire to soaking rains, sudden washouts, and devastating winds, the weather is a perpetual challenge in every region. Utility poles fall prey to wood rot for a host of reasons. Pole testing using Resistograph System technology is employed by EN Engineering to measure wood resistance and conditions accurately to detect and measure cracks, voids, cavities, and decay inside a utility pole that visual or traditional sound and bore examination misses. Resistograph technology eliminates the guesswork in detecting wood decay even from below ground level, including poles set in concrete and asphalt. EN engineers also inspect supply space equipment, line condition, and performance factors to provide complete documentation of every asset in use. That level of detail is why our partners trust EN Engineering for complete utility pole and line inspection.




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