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Network protection and grid engineering for downtown electrical supply depends on a plan to calculate loads and position infrastructure to handle system disturbances with network isolation where power is redirected without interruption of service. That consistency and reliability emerges through a series of preventative measures of equipment responding to system abnormalities. These begin with a data-driven assessment of existing equipment and infrastructure to determine real-time expected load conditions at every spot of the network. With that data picture in hand, EN engineers develop recommendations and set up utility grids linked with network protectors. These include breakers, relays, fuses and other means of sectionalizing and isolating parts of the grid to redirect power following isolation and prevent a larger collapse in service to the broader grid.

Distribution utility companies need to establish plans for meeting increased customer demands for improved reliability and resiliency which typically includes implementing advanced self-healing power restoration equipment using operations technology.  These communications based technologies can also enable such advancements as AMI, DER resource integration, electrification, and Microgrid integration as well as other customer choice and demand side programs for alternative energy.  The technological challenges are significant for power delivery companies with aging infrastructure and outdated and obsolete equipment that is currently managing the grid. EN engineering specializes in defining these issues and bringing comprehensive expertise to bear on each aspect of functionality from the points of distributed generation to the interconnection and transitioning of smart equipment to the grid. Grid modernization requires the “big picture” understanding and knowledge of the leading technologies necessary to implement a reliable, safe, flexible and cost effective power grid.  Your customers, regulatory environment and operational requirements are unique and EN Engineering can provide tailored solutions to navigate those complexities and help execute the actions necessary to transform the grid for your customers.




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