Benefits of Modern MES – Getting Started with Your MES Journey

EN Automation has put together a series of topics focused on the benefits of Modern MES.

Starting the Journey




Using the Data


Scaling Beyond the Plant Level

Manufacturing Execution System ––MES software––enables manufacturers to gather and analyze digitalized information to optimize plant operations. The best MES software enhances the monitoring of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products. Having that data readily available allows managers to see what is happening in the manufacturing process in real-time. Data delivered by MES system software sorts according to quality metrics from the line and shift level up to enterprise analysis and overall company output.

MES software comparison allows managers to draw correlations between successful operations and problem areas to troubleshoot and make corrections in real-time. This capability can be translated into a “live picture” dashboard assessment of productivity and efficiency projected on monitors in numerical and graphic form. That instant feedback gives line managers the information needed to control processes from the granular level through to the desired manufacturing outcome.

That level of control empowers line managers in many ways, enabling real-time decision making while simultaneously storing data for future comparative analysis and process improvement. These capabilities are proven motivational tools as managers learn to identify and prevent problems rather than allow line shutdowns or other manufacturing interruptions.

The most vital benefit of MES system software is tailoring its use to your specific facilities. Whether existing problems are known, need to be identified and solved, or continue to mystify all involved, our manufacturing and software engineering team respond to your enterprise at the level appropriate. We collaborate to identify where manufacturing processes and operations are failing, aren’t up to speed, or exist across a series of functionalities. Our team analyzes and recommends solutions even when performance data resides in pen and paper mode, or existing software systems use is ineffective. Those are all situations that MES system software can fix. But fixing problems isn’t the sole purpose of an MES system.

Even manufacturers operating with sophisticated SCADA and PLC software do not always recognize what modern MES software can do to maximize operations across multiple facilities. Having a unified MES system software in place delivers a vital abstraction layer and a common language to meld varying data interfaces, drive paperless workflow, save time and money in staff utilization and asset usage, and create growth and expansion opportunities using well-documented hard data for wise decision-making.

This capability eliminates interpretation conflicts and provides for clear communications across multiple platforms and operational systems. Along with line system management, MES software, when properly employed with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), broadens the capability scope by relating daily manufacturing outcomes to all phases of company operations and profitability, including accounting, procurement, project management, safety, risk management, compliance, supply chain direction, and year-to-year reporting.

That type of insight is what companies need to drive their vision for the future. The benefits of MES manufacturing software extend far beyond the plant floor to the performance and image of your company as a quality operation. Investors and stakeholders of all kinds benefit from the clear picture of resource management and operational efficiency developed using MES software.


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