Process Safety Management

EN Engineering’s team of Process Safety Management (PSM) experts can help protect your personnel, the public, and your property from the potential dangers of operating hazardous industrial processes.

When implemented properly, PSM systems can be effective in enhancing the safety of your operation, increasing productivity, and improving quality. Our expert consultants can help you in evaluating and improving your existing PSM program to ensure safe operation and compliance with the Process Safety Management standards and regulations.

We can also assist you in determining whether PSM requirements apply to your facility. We can then facilitate development and implementation of an entire program, or facets of a program, to ensure PSM compliancy.

We provide an array of PSM services, including:

  • Process safety information
  • Process hazard analysis
  • Compliance audits
  • Operating procedures
  • Training
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Incident investigation
  • PSM program development
  • Risk Management Program development


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