Enhance Efficiency and Reliability with Control System Analysis and Optimization: An EN Automation Service for the Power Generation Sector

There has been a lot of talk about the electric power industry transitioning to renewable resources. While the transition is underway, it will take time and power producers will continue to rely on traditional generation facilities (coal, gas, hydro) for years to come.

Why does this matter? These facilities will face many of the same challenges that they have in the past as well as new challenges (and opportunities) brought about by the transition to clean energy.

Large, traditional power generation facilities typically rely on DCS and PLC-based systems for monitoring and control. In many instances, these systems can have maintenance, reliability, and/or obsolescence issues. Complicating matters, vendor support for DCS systems can be costly and it can be difficult for operators to find support for smaller upgrade and maintenance projects.

In addition, wholesale replacement or upgrade of hardware systems and software can be very expensive, and due to budgetary constraints, may not be an option. As a result, operators are often forced to continue to struggle with these issues and the challenges that they present.

EN Automation is ready to assist our clients in meeting these challenges and taking advantage of these opportunities. One service that is part of our growing portfolio of automation solutions for the power generation sector is Control System Analysis and Optimization.

This service helps our customers enhance the efficiency and reliability of their control systems while avoiding the expense of major upgrade projects. We accomplish this by optimizing the operation of existing systems through targeted, incremental upgrades and revisions to hardware and software systems.

First, we listen to our clients and perform a thorough analysis of the facilities and control systems to gain an in-depth understanding of operational requirements and issues.  Then, we apply our platform expertise and industry knowledge to develop a plan to implement reliable, cost effective, and scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Finally, we deploy experienced automation professionals to deliver and commission these solutions.

EN Automation has the expertise and resources that allow us to deliver projects, ranging from small control system upgrades and maintenance tasks to major modernization programs. We can execute stand-alone projects, work as an extension of our customer’s team, or provide embedded resources. We are committed to helping our customers operate more efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively.

Analysis and Optimization Services

  • Control system studies and cost estimates
  • Troubleshooting
  • DCS system maintenance and additions
  • PLC and DCS integration
  • SCADA and HMI software development
  • Incremental migration and modernization projects
  • Control system optimization
  • Control system version upgrades
  • Documentation upgrades
  • Embedded plant resources
  • Training

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