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The EN Field Services group provides clients with expert field personnel in the areas of construction and asset management, pipeline inspection, telecommunications and electric inspection services, and engineering site survey with an emphasis on safe and compliant installations for utilities and telecom providers across the country.

Our team members have direct experience in the operations of the industries they work within and are certified by API (API 1169), AWS (CWI, CPWI), and NACE (CIP level 1 and level 2) among other industry organizations. The extensive list of core field services we offer means that with few exceptions, if you need it, we can provide it.

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EN Field Services FAQs

What does EN Field Services do in a nutshell?

EN Field Services, a sector of ENTRUST Solutions Group, offers field engineering services. EN Field Services offers comprehensive construction management, inspection, survey, GPS centerline surveys, corrosion surveys, cross bore inspection, OQ training, HCA field surveys, and data collection with an emphasis on ensuring safe and compliant installations for utilities and operators across the country. Their on-site support includes troubleshooting and technical assistance. They also play a role in project management and provide documentation and reports to keep stakeholders informed. Essentially, EN Field Services ensures the smooth execution of engineering and construction projects in the field, offering expertise and support for various on-site activities.

What are focal areas of expertise within EN Field Services and how do you find the right people for the job?

EN Field Services excels in various field engineering areas, including site inspections, data collection, installations, maintenance, and quality control. To find the right personnel for these tasks, they employ a multi-faceted approach. This includes targeted recruitment efforts to attract field engineering experts, conducting thorough skills assessments and interviews, and placing value on relevant experience and qualifications. Collaborating with other sectors or teams within the organization can help identify individuals with the required skill sets. Certifications and qualifications are considered, and reference checks are conducted to ensure a candidate’s ability to meet the specific demands of field engineering. In summary, EN Field Services combines a strategic hiring process and skillful training to secure professionals with the expertise needed for their diverse focal areas of field engineering. EN has an internal recruiting department with a full time Talent Acquisition Specialist dedicated to our field service offerings.

In the power delivery and generation side, what does it mean when people say you are known for your “bench strength”?

When people say an organization is known for its “bench strength” in the context of power delivery and generation, they are referring to the company’s depth of expertise and the capabilities of its team. This term indicates that the organization has a strong and skilled roster of employees or professionals who are ready to step into key roles or projects as needed. In the power industry, it suggests that the company has a talented and capable workforce with diverse skills in areas such as power generation, electrical engineering, grid management, and related fields. The term highlights the organization’s readiness to address challenges, take on new projects, and maintain consistent performance in the power sector by leveraging the collective knowledge and skills of its team.

How does EN Field Services ensure they are “in the know” of federal and state regulations throughout the United States?

EN Field Services remains informed about federal and state regulations in the United States through a multifaceted approach. This includes maintaining ENTRUST’s dedicated legal and compliance team, fostering relationships with regulatory agencies and industry associations, promoting continuous employee education, and seeking guidance from legal experts. They also use monitoring tools and conduct regular internal audits to ensure compliance. By combining these strategies, EN Field Services remains up to date with regulatory changes, enabling them to adhere to legal requirements and adapt to evolving regulations effectively in the power delivery and generation sector.

How is having experts in metallurgy and regulation an asset for customers?

Having experts in metallurgy and regulation is a substantial asset for customers, particularly in industries where materials and compliance play pivotal roles. Metallurgy experts provide invaluable guidance on material selection, ensuring that components and structures are not only durable but also tailored to specific applications, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Their expertise in maintaining material quality standards prevents defects, enhancing product longevity, and their knowledge of corrosion resistance is especially vital in industries like oil and gas, where corrosion can lead to safety and environmental hazards.

Regulatory experts, on the other hand, ensure that products and processes adhere to federal, state, and industry-specific regulations. This significantly mitigates the risk of costly fines and legal complications. Furthermore, their focus on safety standards reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries, while also contributing to environmental responsibility by ensuring that operations align with sustainability goals. The synergy of metallurgy and regulation expertise empowers customers with safer, more efficient, and compliant products and processes, resulting in cost savings and an improved industry reputation.

How can EN Field Services leverage its sister sectors to work with customers?

EN Field Services plays a pivotal role in implementing projects for its sister sectors within ENTRUST Solutions Group, working in synergy to ensure successful project execution. Additionally, EN Field Services contributes valuable data to EN Data Solutions. This collaboration enhances project efficiency and provides comprehensive data insights, benefiting not only the projects themselves but also improving decision-making processes and overall project quality. Through these integrated efforts, EN Field Services acts as a critical link between its sister sectors, promoting seamless project delivery and data-driven solutions.

If there is one key takeaway for a customer or potential customer, what would it be?

The key takeaway for potential customers is that, by choosing ENTRUST as a project partner, they will receive comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for their project. By collaborating across various sectors, ENTRUST offers integrated services that encompass project execution, data insights, engineering expertise, and compliance. This ensures that customers receive top-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions, while also benefiting from the synergy of multiple areas of expertise. Whether in field engineering, data solutions, renewable energy, or other sectors, the takeaway is a one-stop-shop for tailored, high-quality services that address a wide range of project needs and challenges.

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