EN Engineering Offers Full-Service Support for New Pipeline

Experts from EN Engineering’s entire service portfolio came together to successfully complete a new pipeline system and injection facilities for a Southern midstream energy company.

“We provided project management, engineering, and design services for the pipeline system, which consists of more than 70 miles of 8” and 12” diameter pipeline, as well as for five new injection facilities for multiple third-party producers,” explained Jesse Rodriguez, Vice President.

The pipeline design team provided engineering review of the pipeline routing as well as development of engineering design details, while a facility team provided full mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural design packages, along with hydraulic and surge analysis.

EN Engineering’s environmental, integrity, data analytics, and procurement experts also supported the major project. The Environmental team oversaw an environmental survey and provided recommendations for both compliance measures and installation best practices. Integrity experts evaluated scenarios for flow modeling and also provided recommendations for emergency flow restricting device (EFRD) valves, and GIS services were utilized to evaluate alternate pipeline routes and make a commercial recommendation. “The corrosion team also got involved by providing designs for cathodic protection, and our procurement staff supported all the equipment, material, and labor contracts, from specification development to expediting and tracking deliveries,” stated Rodriguez.

EN Engineering also provided several specialty services, including in-house HAZOP facilitation and shop inspection services, and the Automation team developed the control philosophy for the injection facilities and interfaced with third-party programmers and PLC integrators.

“The breadth of our full-service portfolio was truly highlighted in this project,” Rodriguez concluded. “It’s always rewarding when you can offer clients this kind of comprehensive support.”

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