EN Engineering Lands Cathodic Protection Construction Oversight Projects


May 4, 2015

EN Engineering Lands Cathodic Protection Construction Oversight Projects

EN Engineering is providing cathodic protection (CP) construction oversight services for two large pipeline projects. As a leading gas pipeline design engineering firm, EN Engineering provides comprehensive and dependable consulting services to pipeline companies, utilities, and industrial customers. The firm recently completed design and inspection services for a 600-mile interstate crude oil pipeline in the Midwest that will provide the additional capacity needed to bring increased North American crude oil production to refinery hubs. In addition, they are currently providing CP support and construction oversight for a $2 billion capital expansion project in the Midwest.

The firm’s NACE-qualified engineers are overseeing all cathodic-protection related aspects of the pipeline construction. “We are on-site everyday maintaining constant corrosion support and construction oversight for all buried metallic piping, including firewater piping, cooling water piping, raw water piping, and all the process piping that goes below-grade,” explained Jeff Creaney, Director, Business Development, Integrity Services.

With many U.S. pipeline operators expanding their pipelines, it is becoming increasingly critical to design and implement effective cathodic protection systems to preserve the integrity of both existing and new systems. According to Creaney, “New pipeline systems are often installed in existing pipeline right of ways, congested with pipeline crossings, high-voltage AC power lines, and more. This congestion increases the necessity of designing effective CP systems to mitigate interference and to ensure cathodic protection is applied to the asset prior to product going through the line,” he added.

Involving qualified CP professionals at the onset of a new pipeline project is critical to achieve the goal of cathodic protection and interference mitigation. “Our expertise in this area ensures proper installation of a cathodic protection system, reduces post installation costs, reduces exposure to regulatory issues, and preserves the integrity of pipeline assets by creating an effective, complete cathodic protection system from the onset of pipeline operations,” stated Creaney.

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