EN Engineering GIS Solutions Team Expands Staff and Services


August 11, 2015

EN Engineering GIS Solutions Team Expands Staff and Services

(Warrenville, IL) The EN Engineering GIS Solutions group has expanded both its team and services and now offers all-inclusive design work and full program management.

“As our customer needs have expanded, so has our portfolio and our service footprint,” stated Dave Klimas, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer. “We are not only creating the upfront base map of existing facilities, but also completing design work and field noting where we’ll use GIS equipment to help document the facilities accurately, quickly, and effectively.” The group is moving toward full program management services so that utilities can receive reports on any project and manage resources and priorities appropriately.

A Geographic Information System is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographic data and metadata. The GIS system provides a valuable tool to interactively connect an array of data to allow efficient presentation and evaluation processes.

As infrastructure is replaced throughout North America, companies are looking to GIS services to make sure their operations are up to date and that projects can be managed on a real-time basis. “The use of GIS systems is rapidly expanding, and most energy companies are utilizing this technology,” commented Klimas.

The EN Engineering team has tremendous experience with the technologies and concepts that allow them to provide optimal solutions related to design work, data integration, data analysis, mapping, and all facets of GIS applications for the pipeline and utility industries. “We utilize GIS technology on the design side from set up through construction, field noting, document retention, project tracking, and asset management,” stated Dan Vetter, Director of GIS. “In addition, our team can create customized applications for clients to get immediate, real-time information on project status.”

With a professional team that has doubled over the past five years, EN Engineering’s GIS Solutions Group’s trained professionals can respond to customer needs and provide quicker solutions. The team has been organized to take advantage of skill sets and focus on providing more specific products for clients. “We have taken a dual approach and created a group that Page 2 of 2

develops the applications and sets up the GIS teams that implement the work and supports all our business units. This gives us the opportunity to embed GIS tools within the design teams,” explained Vetter.

The expansion of GIS services is just another example of EN Engineering’s customer focus. “With a majority of energy companies using GIS technology, it’s important for us to expand our service footprint to provide solutions and meet customer needs,” concluded Klimas.

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