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EN Automation is a leading systems integrator for a wide range of energy, industrial, and manufacturing industries seeking real-time data and information to improve operational performance.

Our expertise improves function and efficiency in legacy infrastructure as well as turnkey applications in new and upgraded facilities. We empower systems managers with the data and information needed to track and troubleshoot systems in real-time and guide clients through the establishment of best practices, planning for the future, and even training the next generation of engineers and managers for continuity and consistency.

The key advantage we provide is that our methods are transparent and focused on building or supporting your team, not owning the process ourselves. We build relationships based on communication in order to adapt and customize technologies to your specific needs. We help organizations meet regulatory and certification standards, protect operations in cybersecurity, and provide local and remote support through a network of automation professionals in our regional offices nationwide.

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EN Automation FAQs

What is the overview of services that EN Automation provides?

EN Automation provides comprehensive services in controls and systems integration. Whether clients are looking to migrate from a legacy infrastructure with obsolete hardware and software or want to design and commission a brand-new control system, EN Automation delivers flexible and scalable solutions. They strive to empower clients with efficient integration options that effectively maximize operations through proven, reliable, and consistent processes. In addition to offering turnkey and customized control solutions, EN Automation has a UL-certified panel fabrication shop to provide clients with seamless end-to-end services.

In which industries does EN Automation focus?

EN Automation is a systems integrator providing design, development, and integration of control systems in the power and energy, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, power, oil and gas, and transportation industries. Their clients rely on effective automation solutions that provide precision and real-time control in their operations.

In the energy sector, their control systems enable the efficient generation, distribution, and management of power, contributing to a more sustainable and reliable energy supply. For utilities, EN Automation aids in managing gas and electricity distribution, ensuring a safe and seamless flow to end-users. The benefits of EN Automation solutions in the manufacturing and food and beverage industries are vital to clients remaining competitive by controlling various processes to enhance productivity, minimize errors, and optimize resource utilization. Their expertise in the oil and gas industries facilitates safe, cost-effective exploration, extraction, and transportation of valuable resources.

How can EN Automation help clients who are not sure where to begin on their automation journey?

Working with clients to identify the right solutions for their needs is what makes EN Automation thrive. The process begins with a conversation where expert engineers listen to client concerns and then conduct a discovery phase to gather the necessary information for proposing the right automation solution. Because they have been working in various industries for over 20 years, EN Automation approaches control system design and integration with insight and a library of best practices.
For example, many clients are operating with legacy control systems that are nearing end-of-life with obsolete replacement parts and outdated software. Operating on a legacy infrastructure is likely to cause interruptions and delays in production, in addition to jeopardizing quality and integrity of processes. It may seem overwhelming to approach a total system replacement, but often legacy migration can occur in phases. It is no secret that modernization will enhance performance by harnessing the power of automation to remain competitive and sustainable in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Bringing in a systems integrator is paramount to avoiding costly decisions, and EN Automation can help clients navigate the modernization process no matter where they are in their automation journey.

What does the ability to track and troubleshoot client systems in real-time mean for their operations?

No matter if it is controlling a food packaging line or mitigating valve rupture on a gas pipeline, real-time tracking and troubleshooting is essential to operations. Applications can be customized to monitor critical processes and provide transparency for enhanced operational reliability and reduced downtime. EN Automation can design and integrate control systems that enable proactive identification of issues to be mitigated and addressed before they escalate, thereby minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuous operations. This capability significantly improves system uptime and productivity, not to mention may provide compliance for industry-specific regulations in many cases.

How can EN Automation leverage its sister sectors to work with clients?

The sectors of ENTRUST Solutions group frequently partner with EN Automation to provide holistic solutions for clients in the electric and gas utilities industry. Collaborative projects with EN Engineering for electric utilities, grid management, gas transmission, power generation, and other industrial solutions have proven successful time and again. EN Data Solutions provides data-driven insights, EN Renewables for automation in sustainable energy projects, and EN Engineering for comprehensive design and engineering support across a variety of project types. This integrated approach ensures seamless project execution and value-added services for clients across industries.

If there is one key takeaway for a client or potential client, what would it be?

EN Automation offers a variety of solutions for control and automation needs and will partner with clients to deliver what works with their timeline, budget, and requirements. They deliver state-of-the-art systems that not only enhance operational efficiency but also reduce costs and improve the overall reliability and competitiveness of their processes. EN Automation is ready to partner with clients to incorporate intelligent technology and data-driven strategies that usher in a new era of predictive maintenance, elevate resource allocation, and curtail energy consumption. Whether they are migrating a legacy system or helping design, develop, build, and commission a greenfield site, customers gain a strategic partner to navigate the complexities of integration and control with EN Automation.

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