Water and Wastewater

The problems faced by water and wastewater treatment facilities include regulation changes, aging infrastructure, and cybersecurity concerns. To help our clients meet these and other challenges, EN Automation provides automation expertise starting with full SCADA design, HMI and PLC programming, and commissioning services. Our engineers and project managers have an in-depth understanding of automation best practices and quality control in new construction or modernization projects. We serve the full spectrum of water/wastewater applications including municipal, industrial, and equipment manufacturers.

Our team’s expertise in cybersecurity provides solutions vital to the protection of critical infrastructure as required by U.S. governmental guidance programs to receive funding for these security features. Our combined knowledge and expertise in infrastructure, process, standards, and software provides a safer, more robust and reliable water and wastewater plant environment. 


EN Automation provides expertise and support to virtually every major automation hardware and software platform from current state-of-the-art-systems to obsolete legacy systems. This wide-ranging experience, coupled with our expertise in IT, networking, and MES enables us to design and integrate systems that communicate and function seamlessly to provide comprehensive control networks that automate facilities for a wide range of energy, industrial, and manufacturing applications.

Beyond single-site local control and visualization, EN Automation creates large-scale SCADA systems on a variety of platforms. That includes integration of advanced capabilities needed by the modern control rooms such as shift log and handover, audit history, alarm management, reporting, and other robust solutions. To build these systems, we leverage the latest visualization techniques using human-science insights to deliver greater situational awareness and enhanced decision making. These capabilities enable us to create architectures that solve current business needs via a modern, future-proof framework.

Our engineers work on a variety of the major platforms in the PLC/PAC space, leveraging abstraction and modern design in the solutions we create. Efficiency and performance are the primary motivators, backed by our commitment to quality, safety, and robustness that our customers demand. EN Automation also consults in advanced communications and custom protocol development, sophisticated loop control and monitoring, template-based design and unit-testing, tight integration with HMI systems, and other aspects of PLC programming where innovative solutions are required.

Data is at the heart of EN Automation’s work across all PLC/HMI/SCADA disciplines, effectively moving data between systems via SQL databases, web APIs, and ERP integrations. Our engineers collaborate to create custom data solutions in a variety of languages and architectures to best suit the need of our clients. Our leadership in data democratization is setting the stage for broader, unfettered access to critical, real-time process data that helps drive business solutions.

Data is the most important and requisite input to systems of many kinds. We maximize the value of customer data in context with priorities to derive better insights on your plant or facility operations. Our engineers excel in working with large volumes of historical data, using tools that leverage data yield to deliver clear, actionable results. Superior integration of these tools creates a cohesive system that allows for “operationalizing” insights to drive decisions. We assist in applying best-in-class data analytics solutions to new or existing facilities as a means to accelerate growth and maximize efficiency.

EN Automation control panel design and fabrication helps data driven industrial leaders in the energy, utility, and general industrial spaces by providing full-spectrum consulting and engineering expertise to guide clients from concept through design, fabrication, and testing. We support automation modernization and digital transformation initiatives by providing full turnkey services that lead to UL508A standards qualification and self-certification. These include in-house certification options to Class 1, Division 2. The EN Automation design team excels in providing the full design scope and this intensive knowledge allows collaboration with the panel fabrication shop to deliver flawless execution and reliable results. There is tremendous value and potential ROI in optimizing and automating archaic processes for greater efficiency and performance.

Our depth of resources and breadth of expertise provides expert commissioning and startup services for systems ranging from a single unit control panel to an entire pipeline control system. Our services include software commissioning, point-to-point checkout, calibration, control, instrumentation, and electrical system commissioning. Our commissioning personnel are highly trained and certified by independent agencies. We provide commissioning services ranging from staff augmentation of our client’s commissioning team through complete management and coordination of the commissioning program. As needed, we have assembled teams of up to 30 personnel to execute commissioning work for very large projects.

EN Automation engineers design industrial solutions built to high standards in reliability, robustness, and performance. Modern industrial networks need to support higher volumes of data at higher rates, all with unmatched reliability and high availability. Our engineers and IT experts design network solutions to meet the most aggressive data demands today. Our partnerships with premier cybersecurity software solutions experts integrates high levels of awareness and visibility within your network to measure its integrity and performance. Proactive monitoring identifies potential threats and abnormal behaviors that threaten the ability to keep your facilities running and secure.

Our engineering teams collaborate to create small-scale or multi-site enterprise MES deployments. We understand the deep and intrinsic value of production data, performance and downtime metrics, quality-sample capture, and statistical analysis, and how to integrate this data into a comprehensive and operational solution. With skills in a variety of MES platforms, we help our clients transform complicated facility, machine, and equipment models and data into well-structured clean digital representations. We help our clients bridge the gap between local facility data systems and upstream ERP systems through web APIs, database exchange, or other custom methods. These methods improve inventory and lot tracking, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and asset utilization (AU), production, and work order management. Our teams specialize in bringing all these aspects into an intuitive and cohesive system instead of an amalgamation of disparate systems.

Our design team provides a complete range of electrical and design services for all electrical and instrumentation systems within a facility including, but not limited to, substations, switchgear, MCCs, E-houses, motor starters, and VFDs, medium and low voltage distribution systems, lighting, security systems, control panels, instrumentation systems, communication, and control networks. We also have extensive experience in performing power system studies. Our team consists of electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, designers, and drafters with extensive experience in a wide range of applications and industries. Many of our engineers are registered professional engineers.

With our industry background and automation platform experience, we are well qualified to review and analyze control systems to ensure they provide reliable, efficient, and safe operation. We are well equipped to evaluate the software, hardware, and network components of these systems. Our team can develop or modify functional documents, operating manuals, cause and effect matrices, and other documents to ensure that the functionality of the control system is accurately documented. Our team can also review the control system and develop recommendations to correct operational and safety issues, improve reliability, and enhance efficiency. We also have the capability to test and validate the operation of these control systems. Additionally, we can help our clients develop migration strategies to upgrade and modernize their control systems. 

We have the expertise to help our clients develop automation and network strategies to control their facilities. Our wide-ranging knowledge of automation platforms across a broad spectrum of industries enables us to develop plans to design the optimal control systems for specificity in applications. Feasibility studies include functional specifications, network architecture, migration strategies, cost estimates, and schedules.

Our project managers have extensive industry and project execution experience to consult and collaborate in control system design and software development. We also provide leadership and coordination between other engineering / consulting firms, vendors, and installation contractors and excel in management of the commissioning process. Our project managers are supported by a project controls team that provides scheduling, budget tracking, and other project controls related services.

EN Automation leverages an internal e-learning platform for authoring and sharing content between engineers. This also enables our teams to deliver in-person and virtual operator training for the systems we design and develop. Coupled with our simulation capabilities, we provide a system that emulates simple behaviors of a real system and allows operators to become comfortable with an application and general layout. We can also deploy custom e-learning solutions allowing organizations and associates to conduct self-driven and repeated training, gauge relative understanding through quizzes and activities, and capture completion metrics for your records.





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