Spectrum Engineering Corporation

The acquisition of Spectrum Engineering Corporation in 2021 strengthened our ability to provide substation engineering, protection and controls, SCADA, and telecommunication services to clients and expanded our presence in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and other surrounding states.


FiberRise, an innovator in providing grid modernization and broadband consulting and engineering services, was acquired by ENTRUST Solutions Group in 2022 to expand our footprint in the utility broadband communications sector. FiberRise works exclusively with utilities to design, fund, build and operate the fiber infrastructure required for effective grid modernization and broadband delivery.

Texas Utility Engineering

Acquired in January 2019, Texas Utility Engineering added expertise in electric distribution, telecommunication systems engineering, and pole inspection with a local presence in Central and South Texas.

ESC Engineering

Acquired in December 2021, ESC Engineering expanded our capabilities in electric transmission, substation, system planning, and automation. ESC has a long history of serving many municipal, coop, and industrial power users in the Rocky Mountain and central state regions and industrial and manufacturing companies throughout the U.S.

G2 Integrated Solutions

ENTRUST Solutions Group proudly added G2 Integrated Solutions to our company in December 2021. This partnership brought together two leaders in critical asset integrity consulting and significantly enhanced our capabilities within regulatory and compliance solutions for operators of natural gas and electrical infrastructure.

Kestrel Power Engineering

ENTRUST Solutions Group acquired Kestrel Power Engineering in February 2020. Recognized as one of the top consultants in the power generation industry for compliance testing, tuning, and modeling, Kestrel brings specialized consulting services to clients across the United States and Canada, where they are widely known as a leader in helping clients meet various regulatory reliability standards.

TG Advisers

In April 2022, ENTRUST added TG Advisers to the company bringing new power generation expertise in gas turbine, steam turbine, and generator consulting with extensive experience to greatly complement the ENTRUST power services team.

QC Data

ENTRUST’s 2019 acquisition of QC Data, an industry-leading engineering design and data services provider, expanded our utility and telecom services and enhanced our data-focused expertise related to the entire network asset lifecycle and infrastructure management.

Magellan Advisors

Magellan Advisors LLC was acquired by ENTRUST Solutions Group in November 2022 to enhance ENTRUST’s capabilities and focus within the fiber broadband and grid modernization markets and expands connectivity one community at a time. Magellan Advisors provides planning, engineering, grant writing, and management of the fastest, most technologically advanced fiber and broadband networks.”

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