About Us

For 20 years, businesses, people, and communities have relied on the employees of ENTRUST Solutions Group to protect their most valuable assets, infrastructure, and the projects that improve them.

We have embraced growing markets such as renewables, power engineering services, EV infrastructure, data analytics, and geospatial with cutting edge engineering, consulting, and automation services.

We offer valuable solutions to challenges faced by our clients, restore and expand infrastructures, enhance and streamline systems, and identify and record key assets for clients, including gas and electric utilities, telecommunication service providers, pipeline operators, and industrial companies.

As one of the fastest-growing engineering firms in the country, we have grown from a single Midwest office to a national network of locations, which has only strengthened our commitment to serving with excellence… from start to finish.

We are also committed to offering endless opportunities for employees who are passionate, curious, and client-focused.


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